Expediting your case with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

Often times we get stuck in the immigration process and feel like a significant time has been wasted merely waiting to get any response.  There are certain instances, however, where a request to expedite your case may just be appropriate and available to you.  In one instance, a client left the United States to go get their visa at the U.S. Consulate.  He was told that he needed to apply for two additional applications, with the wait time of about eight months!  He submitted his applications and requested our services to expedite his case.  We were able to get his case expedited and the wait time was reduced significantly to five months.


In another two instances, our clients were both either members or family members of members of the U.S. Armed Forces.  Our clients submitted their own requests to expedite their cases.  One client received their approval notices in 28 days after submitting their applications that would normally take eight months to receive a response.  The second client got their green card in three months, which in comparison can take up to seven months to obtain.


There are always alternative and effective avenues to get your case processed faster, and an experienced attorney can help evaluate whether you qualify to expedite your case.  Contact our office if you would like additional information about expediting a case with USCIS.

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