Immigration Attorneys discuss 2016 Election


Attorney Frank Guerra is one of many immigration attorneys speaking about the 2016 election and the consequences that may result with a Trump Presidency.  Attorney Guerra spoke to Anna Merlan, writer for the website  The topic of discussion was immigration and the Trump Presidency, and most of the talk centered on reactions by those that will be directly impacted by the policies discussed during the 2016 Trump campaign.


Attorney Guerra mainly discussed the tremendous worry that immigration clients generally have with their future in the United States, and now with the potential changes, those worries have augmented significantly. He stated, “These are people who have good case[s] where relief is available and they still think the world is ending, which is reasonable with what they’ve seen in the news.  There is so much anxiety and fear for the children.  It’s a different world for them today.”


While the clients’ rhetoric is one of concern, worry, and fear of the coming four years, immigration attorneys everywhere are prepared and ready to protect our clients and ensure that all proper procedures are following by the federal government.  The out pour of support from the state governments and communities is also a good sign that we want our diverse communities to remain safe and continue to thrive.  This is a time where change can be a great opportunity for our communities to come together and grow stronger than ever.


The complete article can be found here:  If you have any questions about this article or any other questions about immigration, please contact our office for more information.

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