Travels to Canada, A visit to Niagara Falls


Written by Rosa Acevedo, Esq.

        I recently went on a trip to Buffalo, New York, to assist in an immigration court hearing.  Our firm had successfully reopened a case with a deportation that was ordered in absence of the person, who did not appear before the immigration court a long time ago.  Even with the government attorney opposing reopening the case, our firm got the case reopened and now the person would be able to apply for legal permanent residence while inside the United States.

        After the hearing, I had the opportunity to travel to Canada, a country I had yet to visit.  I was both excited and a bit nervous because I would be traveling by car and only my iphone.  Normally my travels across borders led me to Tijuana, Mexico, since I live in San Diego, California.  I did not know what to expect while venturing across new territories, but I was very much interested in learning about the procedures for crossing the northern border of our country.

        As I proceeded to enter the line to cross into Canada, I was greeted by a friendly Canadian border patrol agent, who asked for my passport and proceeded to ask me questions about my stay.  I think they were shocked to hear that I was traveling by myself for one day to Niagara Falls and would be returning the next day.  I can imagine them thinking, “Who is this girl and what does she want to do in our country?”  I kept a friendly face and answered the agent’s questions without much thought.

        After I paid my $3 fee for entering Canada, I was asked to park my car and wait for secondary inspection.  While I waited for inspection to complete, I was asked about my travels, the work I did, and the purpose of my trip.  After about five minutes, I was released and was on my way.  When I got to the Sheraton, I was overwhelmed with excitement to see the Niagara Falls.  Outside of pictures, the one memory that stuck out was the episode of “The Office” where Jim and Pam got married.  I was ready to create my own memories.

        As I got to the falls, I was overwhelmed with joy and awe.  The Niagara Falls are simply breathtaking and one picture or show could not do it justice.  I walked around the area for about two hours simply gazing at the magnificent sight.  I later returned to the falls in the afternoon and took a ride in one of the ferries.  Although I wasn’t getting married, I was able to still enjoy the fascinating site from a different perspective.

        I returned back to my hotel, and the next day I prepared my return back to the U.S.  I waited in line for about 20 minutes and was greeted by our friendly Customs and Border Protection officer.  I gave him my sentry card and answered his questions politely.  After about 2 minutes, I was allowed to continue on my journey back to Buffalo, and eventually back to San Diego.  The trip to Canada was worth the time and energy, and I enjoyed every part of it.  I will return to Buffalo in April 2017 to assist our client once more with the goal of obtaining their legal permanent residence.  Hopefully, our client will get an opportunity to enjoy Niagara Falls in Canada, the way I did.


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