USCIS Issues new I-9 Form


United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has published a revised I-9 form for employment verification.  Employers may continue to use the old form up until January 27, 2017.  After January 27, all employers will be required to use the new form for all new employees.


The I-9 form is used by USCIS to verify an employee’s ability to work in the United States.  It is important to understand each question to ensure that the form is accurate, correct, and complete.  This will avoid any immigration complications and consequences in the future for the employee.  The employer is also responsible for keeping an I-9 for each of its employees on file in the event of an inspection by an immigration official.


The form is located at the USCIS website,  If you have any questions about the I-9 form, or any other immigration-related questions, please contact our office and one of our attorneys would be happy to help.

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